Tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh (by plane)

$240 per person

Duration – 04.45 to 21.30
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

I you have already bought a tour to Egypt and plan to visit Cairo, you may be interested in our tours program.

Tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh (by plane) program:

  • Transfer to airport for flight from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo. Flight time is 40 minutes
  • Visiting Cairo National Museum
  • Dinner on the Nile bank
  • A trip to Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx
  • Visiting factory of perfume oils and papyrus factory
  • Fly back to Sharm El Sheikh

What should you take:

  • Passport
  • Breakfast from hotel
  • Water

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh.

Let’s start with the National Egyptian Museum. Their special prides are the objects found in the tomb of the greatest Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Undoubted interest also represents room with mummies. By the way, choosing excursions in Cairo, and going to the National Museum of Egypt, you should take a flashlight. As part of the exhibits is in half-lit rooms. Naturally, a visit to the museum will be very limited, and therefore you won’t be able to see all that there is. Do not despair, because you can always buy last minute tours to Egypt and visit the capital again.

After you explore the museum exhibits, the tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh will offer you a new destination – the pyramids. You go to Giza, the city that almost merged with the Egyptian capital and is “home” for the most famous pyramids and the Sphinx. Do not forget to take a camera and capture yourself in the background of the magnificent stone half-woman half-lioness. In this case you should be careful in dealing with the local Bedouins, who gather around this place. Waive any of their services – whether it is selling souvenirs, or taking pictures on the background of the pyramids. Be aware that the price of such “kindness” is very high.

Excursions in Cairo are very popular, not least because of the opportunity to see an exciting laser show. These entertainment and also offered at Aswan and Luxor. However, the most grandiose performances are held at the foot of the pyramids.

Another important point – try to buy a trip to Cairo so that you could get to the show on Sunday evening. After all, that’s when you can enjoy a magnificent and colorful performance, held in Russian with light and music. You can be sure that this show will be one of the most vivid impressions from visiting Egypt.

What’s next? For example, a visit to a rotating restaurant, which is located on top of the Cairo Tower. And remember that after sunset life of the capital becomes even more active and fun. Therefore refuse from sleep, and go enjoy belly dancing or shopping in the local shops, that work at night. Let our tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh remain in your memory forever!